I Guess This is Where it Begins

I’m new to this, so please, be gentle. My name is Coretez, I wanted to start this by welcoming you to the family. I call it a family because it’s what I’d expect a family to act like. People who are there for each other, do not discount each other, and help raise each other up. One of the biggest lies ever told was that you cannot pick your family, but you can. The people you decide to let in close to your trust circle and who you can rely on in times of need are the people I would consider family.

The goals I’m trying to accomplish are easy-ish:

  • Build a community
  • Help inspire and motivate
  • Start a podcast
  • Be someone people can come to

Eventually I plan on getting a Discord channel set up so that way we can build a community in that arena and it’ll make it 10x easier to communicate with each other. So subscribe so I can shoot you the link when it’s all set up or look out for the link on the blog at a later date.

That’s all I have for today! Expect more content to come out weekly if not daily. I hope that you decide to join me in this endeavor so we can make this world a little more happy and a lot less bleak. Till next time, PEACE!


  1. Good luck!

    Not an expert at this in any sense, but blogging can be fun. Don’t expect miracles overnight, but like a plant – things grow. Read a lot – a lot more than you post, and interact!


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